Your Connection For Entry-Level Opportunities In Business




We’re not being comical when we tell you that the Iron Man 3 movie features some super-good job hunting strategies that don’t require the powers of a superhero.

1) Dress for success and be prepared. Tony Stark built neat stuff, had a great girl and occasionally saved the world. And he did this by building himself several dozen Iron Man suits that prepared him to fight evil. Just like Tony Stark, make sure that you’re dressed for the part when you meet your interviewer. Having extra copies of your resumes will help, too, because you never know how many other executives might be in that interview room with you.

2) Keep your sense of humor. Your attitude will determine your altitude. If Tony Stark can get kicked and tossed out of airplanes and still have a smile on his face, you can certainly handle a few rejection letters. In tough economic times, it may not be your fault for being knocked down but it’s your responsibility to get right back up.

3) Look for clues in the least obvious places. Iron Man realized that clues are EVERYWHERE and he checked the shadows, scouted the territory and asked endless questions. When you’re looking for job leads, you need to look EVERYWHERE, too. You need to remind yourself that the job openings that are the most difficult to find are also the job openings that provide you with the best chance of getting hired. These difficult-to-find job openings have the least competition because most people are not able to find them and this will give you a huge edge!

4) Every person is a VIP (Very Important Person). Everyone you meet is important. Iron Man discovered that the people that he met at parties and on elevators could either come back to haunt him or help him. It’s important for you to be respectful to everyone you meet while searching for a job when interacting with people in the elevator, the secretaries behind the desk and the people in the lobby.

5) It’s hard to get close to someone when you’re wearing a costume. There are many times when it’s best to shed the armor and be yourself. You’ll always win when you’re battling evil. Tony Stark’s Iron Man costume was never a distraction or a hobby. It was a cocoon. And when he removed it, he became a new man.

6) Don’t leave early. At the end of all Marvel superhero movies, there is always a short reel featuring another Marvel superhero and an upcoming movie that you absolutely, positively won’t want to miss. When you’re searching for a job, you need to resist the temptation of leaving meetings and events early because you will could be missing valuable networking opportunities. Sometimes the best things in life come to those who wait.

7) Test your material before its released. Before Iron Man 3 was released in the United States, it generated $500 million revenue overseas. The United States was a key market for the release of the movie and producers needs to confirm its success before it rolled out in all theatres. You, too, should be testing out your material before its presented to an interviewer. Recite your elevator pitch to anyone who is willing to listen to you and provide you with honest feedback. Ask friends and family to critique your resume and use their feedback to make changes.

You know, it’s times like these that you’ll soon realize what a superhero you could be.